Hot & Mild Italian Sausage,
Maestro Brand

Maestro Italian Sausage: Our Family's Most Famous Recipe

Our signature medium-coarse grind and our traditional, old-world Italian spice blend goes into making the same great Maestro Mild Italian Sausage and Hot Italian sausage that our family has been producing for four generations.


This delicately-seasoned pork sausage is made with 100% premium-quality trimmed pork shoulders (picnics), whole fennel seeds, and our signature blend of Italian spices. Best all by itself, but also great in sandwiches, stuffings, pastas, soups, pizza toppings, omelets, and grilled with eggs and potatoes as a breakfast dish, among other dishes.

Our Italian Sausages are also conveniently available packed out of the casings as Raw Bulk, if preferred.


Maestro Mild Italian Link - Various Sizes
Maestro Hot Italian Link - Various Sizes
Maestro Mild Italian Bulk
Maestro Hot Italian Bulk

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