Sausage that will Get Your Customers Coming Back for More

Dramatically improve the taste, quality, and look of your dishes with a premium-quality sausage that you can trust...all without breaking the bank.

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Maestro Sausage Distributor Listing

Don’t see your food distributor here? Don’t worry, this is only a partial listing.
Please contact us or have your distributor contact us, and we will help you find options. Since we are based in Vernon (one of the largest food industry hubs on the west-coast), most food distributors have trucks in our area on a regular basis and we WILL work with them to serve you. We pride ourselves on being one of the easiest businesses you will ever do business with.

World-Class Recipes

Handed down from generation to generation, our recipes have been finely tuned and perfected over our 90+ years of experience. We only sell products that we are proud of, and that we enjoy ourselves.

We have a recipe for every type of cuisine, and many of our sausages are produced to be built upon so that they will supplement your dishes instead of overpowering them.

Quality & Consistency

Close monitoring of our raw materials and spice blends ensure that we produce sausages of consistent high quality. From monitoring the levels of fat in the pork that we use, to the levels of pungency of our spices, we make sure that every possible step is taken to make our products consistent. In addition, our state of the art equipment enables us to produce sausages of consistent size and weight, ensuring that each portion is identical to the one before it.


We have invested in technology that can almost guarantee that no bones, hard pieces of nerves or other gristle can get into our sausage; ensuring happy and healthy customers who are sure to come back for more!

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing as much help as possible to all those using our products. Just give us a call at (323) 583-6690! We’re always happy to help!

Versatile Product Line

Whether you are looking for an Italian Sausage to complete you deli’s offering of Italian meats, a sliced Andouille for a Cajun Gumbo, a Bratwurst for your Oktoberfest Menu, small Linguica links for your Churrascaria, or a buffet with all of the above, chances are that we have a recipe to fit your needs. Let us be the only wholesale sausage purveyor that you will ever need!