Italian Slices & Crumbles

Take Your Pizzas, Pastas, and Flat-breads to the Next Level with Our Artisan Sausage Crumbles and Slices

Made to provide a great appearance and easy portion control, these precooked sausage slices and crumbles make a fantastic pizza topping and work well in any recipe that requires smaller pieces of sausage.


Our Italian Sausage crumbles, Italian Sausage Slices, and Chorizo varieties of Crumbles and Slices are great for sausage pizza toppings, pastas, sausage omelets, sauces, soups, sausage patties (great for mixing into raw burger or meatball mixes) and more! We even make an Italian Sausage bar that can be used to break apart any size sausage nugget that you'd like to make!


Italian Sausage Crumbles, Papa Vito's
Italian Sausage Slices, Papa Vito's
Italian Sausage Bars
(designed to be crumbled in-house)

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