Maple-Sage Breakfast Sausage

Move-Over Bacon, Breakfast Sausage Just Got An Upgrade

A perfectly balanced blend of maple, sage, and chili pepper creates a sausage that is mildly-sweet, savory, and rounded out with a warm hit of spiciness!


This Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage uses a maple, sage, chili pepper blend as a wonderful accent to the flavor of the pork. It pairs exceptionally well with coffee, pancakes, and pretty much everything on your breakfast table! Stuffed into natural hog casings and linked 10-1/lb., these premium-quality breakfast sausages are much leaner than the industry standard breakfast sausage, and have become a favorite to many.

Best served grilled with eggs and potatoes as a breakfast dish, as pigs in a blanket (highly recommended), in skillets, and other breakfast dishes.


Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage Links 10-1/lb. - 10lb. Cases

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