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Phone: (323) 583-6690 | Fax: (323) 583-6529 | 6080 Malburg Way Vernon, CA 90058

Can I Get Immediate Wholesale Purchasing Assistance?

Please call our office at (323) 583-6690, or send us your contact information using the above contact form. Office hours are from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday, but please leave us a voicemail if you call after hours and we will call back on the next business day to assist you.

Can you produce a special sausage recipe for me or my restaurant?

While we have the capability to produce new or special recipes, very large minimums will apply, and due to the time and resources that it takes to develop a recipe, we can only produce special recipes for customers who will have an ongoing use and place weekly or monthly orders for the product. The minimums that apply for creating new recipes are generally too large for the average non-commercial consumer. USDA limitations apply when creating a recipe, and minimums will be affected by the types of ingredients used. If it is possible to modify one of our current recipes to your liking, lesser minimums may apply. Please inquire! Alternatively, we can grind our premium-quality pork into our signature medium-coarse grind, allowing you to combine our finely crafted ground pork with your own spice blend. Minimums apply.

Do you have a private label program?

Yes, we do have a wholesale private label program; however, minimums and restrictions will apply. Please also note that if you would like us to create a new recipe or modify an existing recipe, there are additional restrictions and larger minimums. Please note the question above for more information about this process.

Do you produce any dried, cured, or fermented sausages?

We do not produce any dried, cured or fermented sausages, and we are currently only producing raw and precooked sausages in an assortment of varieties.

Do you ship your sausages?

Not now, our online store is currently closed

What types of sausages do you produce?

We produce a selection of raw and precooked Pork and Chicken sausages. Our selection includes a variety of sizes of linked sausages, raw ground bulk sausages, rope sausages, skinless links, crumbles, slices, and loaves/bars. Please see our full recipe listing here and please inquire for more information about the varieties in which these recipes are available.

Where are your retail locations?

For a full listing of our retail locations, please see our Retail locations page here.